If you happen to be traveling to the Hawaiian islands for a tropical vacation, you may bump into several young topless girls like this one. In face Hawaii has some of the most beautiful and exotic girls I have seen, and I try to get there as often as possible. Now a word of caution, nudity is not technically allowed on any Hawaiian beaches. But there are plenty of beaches where it is simply overlooked by the authorities. You can easily find these beaches online and make yourself at home with the few other tourists and all those naked girls!

While you are in Hawaii, you may just want to get an authentic Hula dance by either a topless or nude girl. It is so much more beautiful and in fact sensual. I had one done at nigth and the girls were beautiful. The fire was glowing and shimmering on their dark oiled skin. The moon was full and it added so much more to the scenery of the are. And of course the wave crashing to shore made it a perfect night. So put it on your list of things to do or at least a side note on your bucket list. I think there is actually a video of one of the “family nudist beaches” right here. So you can check out the topless Hula girls a long with plenty of families having natural fun!

Topless Hula Girl

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